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I’m a CFP Dealer

I’ve become a conference CFP dealer. Conferences are great arenas for community members interested in showcasing their projects, startups and innovations with MongoDB. I’ve been sending CFPs to everyone from my own colleagues to MongoDB community members every week for the past six months. I started posting some of these to my blog every other Monday, but I also wanted to share where I find these CFPs.

The Lanyrd Call for Proposal Page is great. It has everything from conferences to user groups. My main gripe with Lanyrd is that many of these conferences are not up to date.

ConfNotice is a new E-newsletter sent out weekly with upcoming conferences and CFPs. This could include more CFPs and conference announcements in my opinion, but it’s a great service.

O’Reilly’s Code Newsletter always has updates on upcoming O’Reilly Conferences. It also includes some great open source news.

DevOps Weekly is a great newsletter for the DevOps and SysAdmins out there, and has great updates on upcoming conferences.

Many people send out CFPs through User Group Mailing Lists. I wish there was a more formal process around this (i.e. user group organizers sent out an email once a month with upcoming CFPs), but it’s hard to manage this with so many conferences coming up. I’m going to try and formalize this process at the MongoNYC user group, but we’ll see how that goes. Interested in joining some user groups? Sign up for some on!

There still fails to be a go-to-resource for Conference Proposals, but by doing the digging on these pages, you might find something that strikes your fancy!