Saturday, September 26 On JSON – MongoDB 101 for Developers -

On JSON – MongoDB 101 for Developers

Yesterday I started the MongoDB for Developers course. Although I’ve been working at 10gen for almost a year, and I’ve learned a lot about MongoDB in the process, the first part of the course has taught me a few things I didn’t know about MongoDB’s JSON. This is elementary to getting started with MongoDB

JSON Stands for Javascript Object Notation. It is an incredibly lightweight data-interchange format. MongoDB stores data as BSON, which is a more lightweight version of JSON. BSON has extra types, but we’ll get into that in a later lesson.

JSON is built on two data types:

Arrays, which are lists of items closed in brackets. Example [ 'fruit', 'vegetables']

Dictionaries are associated maps that include a key and a value. These are enclosed in curly braces like so {‘name’: “Francesca”}, and can be nested in arbitrary ways.

JSON data formats take a number of forms, which are best expressed through the following diagrams from the site:

We’ll get into more MongoDB details later, but these are the first steps to getting started with MongoDB. You can still sign up for the course if you’re interested! The first lesson is due next Monday, October 29!